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megandixonAs my internship with Life Child comes to a close, I’m reminded of how obtainable it is for each of us as global citizens take on the responsibility of personally answering the call to love and care for the orphans and widows (James 1:27); the poor and oppressed (Psalm 82:3); and our neighbors near and far (Mark 12:31).

God didn’t intend for these to be suggestions. They are commands. To declare myself a follower of Christ, I can not live oblivious to the world around me. Whether its my neighbor next door or my friends in South Africa, my life is not my own, and I have to live as such. Interning with Life Child has allowed me to take part in seeing a glimpse of all of the opportunities there are to do something.

I’ve been able to plan, work, and see the fruit of a benefit concert that raised funds for specific needs while simultaneously rallying a few hundred local Arkansans toward a global cause. I’ve had the privilege of processing over 100 brand new child sponsorships—allowing over 100 children to get a quality, safe education from a church that loves them like Jesus. I’ve been able to sacrifice my time to be extra hands for office work that would have taken twice the time for Nick to do alone. All of this—and more—has been a complete joy to be a part of!

Sharing hope isn’t impossible. Sharing my finances isn’t impossible. Sharing prayer isn’t impossible. Sharing time isn’t impossible. Sharing love isn’t impossible. Doing it alone is impossible, but being a part of the body of Christ that is already doing it isn’t.

So this is the call for which I will live my life answering: looking for opportunities to care of the orphans and widows, to fight for the poor and oppressed, and to love my neighbors near and far.

This semester I had the opportunity to answer this call by interning with Life Child. How will you answer it?

-Contributed by Megan Dixon, Spring Intern, Life Child US Office