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Vision and Mission


Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.


Our mission is to reach and embrace orphaned and vulnerable children within our communities, where we can impact their lives through our: Children's villages, Schools, Early Childhood Development, Development Preschools and Emergency Safety Homes.

Focus Areas

Children in our care receive the following:

Educational Support

Each child receives a quality education.

Health and Nutritional Support

Children receive nutritional meals and access to health and hygiene training.

Spiritual Development

Children receive spiritual input through cell groups, enhancing their spiritual growth

Social Development

Each child is provided social support within a stable environment where they have the opportunity to learn vital social skills.

Recreational Opportunities

Our children are developing other skills and creativity through play and other recreational activities.

Self Sustainability

Through a variety of opportunities the children are developing life skills for a sustainable future.


Anthony Liebenberg is the Apostolic leader of Life Church, Cape Town, where he and his wife Desiree have pastored for over 20 years. Life Church has always had a passion to positively impact their surrounding community and have been involved in many different ways over the years. Wherever the need, they always aimed to be part of the solution and to make Jesus famous through His love, compassion and mercy.

In 1999, the Life Church family grew through sending Annmaree Jorge to Mozambique, in order to plant a Life Church there. This was founded on a promise that was given through Isaiah 60:22 “A small one will become a thousand and a small one a Mighty nation”. This established the Vision of Life Church, to become a multiplying Cell Church, being raised up to impact its surrounding community and nation, one life at a time.

As Esvaldo and Annmaree Jorge developed the church in Mozambique, it became clear that there was a tremendous need to reach out to the huge number of orphan and vulnerable children present in their community. By using a holistic approach to ministry, schools were established where the lives of many children could be impacted spiritually as well as educationally. Health care and skills training together with pastoral support followed.

Jarvis Msonda, a student from Malawi, came to study at the Bible School at Life Church, Cape Town. He eventually returned to Malawi to plant a Life Church in Blantyre. Jarvis, together with his wife Catherine, just like Life Church Mozambique, also work holistically with children in their community and are impacting their surrounding community one life at a time.

Through the pioneering work in South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi and the organisational leadership of Anthony Liebenberg, Life Child was established to champion the social expression of Life Church in Africa. Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change. Life Child initiatives are focused on building firm foundations for the education, health, welfare, spiritual development, relationships of children across life phases and focus areas, creating a platform for community transformation for future generations.

Today we are seeing hundreds of children being rescued, educated and given a new opportunity with a strong sense of hope and belief in the future. One Life At A Time!

Our Team


Thank You

Thank you to each of our partners for all your support and each individual for linking hands with us you are helping make a difference one life at a time.