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Become a Life Child champion and make a difference #OneLifeAtATime

Life Child champion Margolite

What is a Life Child Champion?

A Life Child Champion is someone that believes in the mission and vision of Life Child & seeks to create awareness about our work in Africa with orphan & vulnerable children.

What does a Life Child Champion do?

Advocate our cause and mobilise your community through initiating a fundraiser, event, or campaign.

It is 2020 and I am currently in lockdown, what can I do?

  • Share Life Childs social media posts

  • Use different fundraising platforms GivenGain/GoFundMe

  • Create your own virtual events, for example, a  Zoom dinner

  • Birthday fundraisers

Some of the creative examples of campaigns Champions have done

  • Ran a marathon on behalf of Life Child

  • Climbed up Table Mountain 100 times

  • Sold fudge and cookies

  • Hosted Zumba/breakfast fundraiser

  • Held a fashion show

  • A primary school held a shoebox drive

  • and many others….

How do I go about becoming a Champion?

Sign up here or email us at
We will contact you, give you some more info and provide you with the Life Child Champion’s Toolkit.
The Toolkit includes different resources for your campaign.