Future Plans for Mozambique

The completion of the Children’s Village in Mozambique:

  • To include 3 clusters of residential homes built so we can care for more children.
  • Building of the community hall, which will be a multi-purpose facility.
  • The development of the agriculture and animal husbandry, on the new land adjacent to the children’s village.
  • Completion of the school to facilitate the education of children from Grade 1 – Grade 8.
  • A new sports field for the children to play and enjoy recreational sports.At The Peace School:
  • Purchase more land for expansion of Life Child Mozambique Peace School to enable the building of more classrooms.
  • The extensive planting of Moringa trees around the property and the construction of a new lab for Moringa production (the leaves from the Moringa tree have multiple medicinal benefits and can help save lives).