Our first goal for 2021

Life Child is aiming to raise $70 000 to provide all our children with quality health and nutrition for the year. We want to make sure every child has access to a daily nutritious meal.

We would like to share the Create Space for Change fundraiser update and thank every individual and business who has given to our Create Space for Change campaign that is aiming to raise $70 000 to provide all our children with quality health and nutrition for the year.

The total amount raised so far adding up donations on Facebook, our website and cash donations are $10,677.92 or R150,013.88!

You can still give towards the campaign. Click the link  to donate –

When you create space for someone else in your life, you play a vital role in bringing hope & change into their world.
You help to provide quality health and nutrition so that children can think, learn and thrive!
When you create space for a child in Africa, you help Life Child to provide the best possible education to create future leaders.

You make sure that a child’s social and emotional needs are met, and their skills properly developed.

When you create space, you help teach a child that they are made and loved by God with a purpose!

So how do you Create Space?

Create Space for change! And help Life Child bring transformational change to children; one life at a time!

For other payment options please contact us at


Life Child
Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.