One Life Story – Shamina and Shamima


One of our focus areas in Life Child is social support. We walk along the families dealing with various issues that affect them. In Baluti, Malawi, where the Life Child preschool is located, a lot of issues in the families stem from emotional neglect. Families also suffer due to their physical needs not being met. For example, most of the children don’t have the luxury of eating the right foods and the right quantities of food, that they are supposed to eat.  This really affects their energy levels, health, and happiness. We also see a lot of unstable marriages, most of these marriages are not legally binding or officiated in a church hence men and women find it easy to walk away when things are not working.

Shamina from Life Child Moyo preschool in Malawi
Shamina from Life Child Moyo preschool in Malawi

Shamima and her twin sister Shamina, are from a family that we are currently working with. They come from a family of 6 children. Their father has only casual employment and their mother is a housewife. Due to the large size of their family, it has not been easy to meet their daily needs. This has been affecting the whole family emotionally. We have been supporting Shamima and Shamina’s family by visiting and counseling the family as well as supply them with much-needed food parcels to ease their burden.

“We are so thankful for these food parcels as during this Covid19 pandemic period we are facing a lot of challenges financially even more than before”, the mother said.

Shamima from Life Child Moyo preschool in Malawi
Shamima from Life Child Moyo preschool in Malawi

At one of the visits, the mother requested that we pray for peace and unity in their family which we did. We also prayed that Shamima and Shamina’s parents can have their marriage officiated at the church. We are so excited to see the family deciding to be joined together in holy matrimony, which was put on hold due to Covid19 restrictions, and we trust God that many others will follow.

Shamima and Shamina from Life Child Moyo preschool in Malawi
Shamima and Shamina with their workbooks

When Shamina and Shamima came to Life Child Moyo School, they were reserved, they didn’t want to associate with other children. The girls spent most of their day in school sleeping and crying. As time passed, they started loving their time at school, the girls enjoyed playing with friends and working with the school educative materials. Shamina and Shamima’s progress in class has been good. At home,

they love to help with cooking. The girls are also a part of a children’s cell group where we teach the Word of God.

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