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Maria, who recently died in a tragic bicycle accident, was the first housemother to be taken in by the Okalawo Children’s Village a year ago. She took great care of the family of five within the Village. Maria had a difficult life; she lost four children (two pairs of twins), leaving her with four surviving children. Because there was no income, she was forced to rely on her own limited crops such as rice and beans, in order to put food on the table. Due to these extremely vulnerable conditions, Okalawo Village provided a new home for Maria and her family, whilst supporting her by providing healthy daily meals, educating her children in the Okalawo Primary School and more. In a short time Maria, as well as her children, were impacted tremendously. There were big changes in their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Maria was not only a loving mother to her children, but also served within the Children’s Village. The Life Child family will continue to care for and love on her children. We will miss her dearly, however, we believe that her life was a seed that was pioneering, sown into the Okalawo Children’s Village, and that it will bear much fruit. We thank God for the blessing of her life.


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