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Hi my name is Louise and I recently decided to take a trip to Cape Town to visit the work of Life Child. I really felt God calling me to step out in faith and make the journey. Since God blessed me so much, I really wanted to give something back.

I was in Cape Town for two weeks, where I spent time going into the township of Samora to see the work that Life Child was involved with.

I visited several of the preschools that women in the townships have started to run, as they saw that the children weren’t attending any educational facilities. My heart was overwhelmed by the compassion these women have for the children and how they opened up their own homes so that there was a place for the children to access.

I love how Life child has helped with the development of the teaching of the children and providing food supplies so that the children can have a nutritious meal.

I was impacted by the staff from Life Child. Their compassionate hearts for the community shows in everything they do, especially in the relationships they have with the children and the women in the townships.

I soon realised that when I came back to the UK, I needed to do more and that I couldn’t leave what I had experienced in South Africa. So I have decided to volunteer my time to work for Life Child and to help in every way I can.


Life Child
Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.