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Tuesday 20 May, 2014, the Life Church Cape Town staff went to visit our Life Child partner, Vukuzenzela ECD Preschool, in Samara Michel to spend time with the children. We do have some of our staff team that is involved on a weekly basis in Samora Machel, but this outing included all our staff team.


As we arrived in Samora Machel it had been raining, but we soon huddled inside the warm Preschool to begin connecting with the children. We were greeted by the warm smiles of the preschool owners. Zoleka, the preschool owner, got us to interact with their play and learning time with their Montessori, educational toys.


We then played a few games with the children like the potato race, the balloon game and pass the parcel. There was a lot of laughter and time of connection with the kids. Each child had a different personality and smile that was so beautiful, it captured our hearts. We ended off the games by handing out chips to all the kids.


It was nearing lunch time, so we all helped to set up the tables and chairs, and got ready to serve the children that are in need, a warm cooked meal.


The lunch is always prepared and made in the Kids Kitchen. Once all the kids’ tummies were warm and full, then they carry on with their daily program. We then ventured out into the surrounding community to connect with the parents of the little ones. We took along cards informing them about the Kids Kitchen, and sharing with them how to apply, to receive food for their Kids, aged two to six years.

Samora Machel is an informal settlement, which mainly consists of shack dwellings. We got to experience their cold, damp, small spaces which they have to live in. Each home we went to, we were warmly greeted, and invited in. We also offered to pray for any needs, they were open to prayer and encouragement. We realized the value of the Life Child partner preschools, and the Kids Kitchen, as most of the parents that we talked to, did not have jobs and could not afford to feed their children.

We are grateful that we are able to make a difference in this community. There is still so much need but we continue to make a difference one life at a time, because each life matters. All the staff return to sea point, reminded of why we are involved in this community and why we will keep going back.


A great day had been had by all.


– The Life Church Staff Team


Life Child
Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.