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Pre-school Building Projects

Through the generosity of partners including Breadline Africa, Grande Slots Investments and Orphan’s Promise, we were able to rebuild one of our partner pre-schools in Kosovo. Masikhule Educare was rebuilt during December, providing Nosintu Mbambo with a new sense of pride, a drive to provide a better service to the children in her care, and hope for a brighter future despite the dire living conditions of Kosovo.


Masikhule Educare in Kosovo was started in 2007 by owner and principal, 50 year old Nosintu Mbambo. Her husband Eliott is a pastor and they have 4 grown-up children. Nosintu started her educare due to her concern for the number of unattended children playing in the streets and currently has 60+ children in her care. She has adapted well to the child-driven Montessori teaching method. In the building planning stages opted to rather have one large 36sq/m classroom for the 3-6 year olds to cater for this style of teaching. She is also participant of the Stop Hunger feeding programme providing daily meals at her centre and attends the Life Child weekly upliftment sessions with all the other Kosovo educare principals.

In December 2014, through the financial sponsorship of Breadline Africa, GrandSlots Investments and Orphans Promise, Life Child was able to demolish her shack educare and re-build a brand new fire-reistent zinc structure.

This is the 8th classroom structure that Life Child have built in theKosovo and Samora Machel community. Working for 8 years with the Ikhaylami building team, (a NGO working in the shack settlements of Cape Town) we have endeavoured to upgrade and improve on the structures along the way. We are proud to say that Masikhule Educare is now our ‘flagship’ structure fitted with Isoboard ceilings, Magnastruct wall cladding and 2.4m high ‘walls’ to provide maximum ventilation. We have also included aluminium windows with burglar bars and gates on the outside barn doors to ensure good security. The concrete floor has been tiled with Marley tiles sponsored by Floorworx and the painted with paints provided by Laughtons Hardware.

The new educare is beacon of light and evidence of God’s amazing provision. It has provided Nosintu with a new sense of pride, a drive to provide a better service to the children in her care, and hope for a brighter future despite the dire living conditions of Kosovo.


Thanks to Breadline Africa 220 of our partner pre-school children were taken on an outing to the beach Atlantis in December. Some children had never seen or played in the sea. It was an amazing event for both the teachers and children.

Life Church in Action

In March 2015 we will be launching our weekly Sunday Celebration service in Samora Machel. We are excited for this campus to become a vibrant place of growth and life! Cell groups have been key to pastoral care, evangelism, discipleship and leadership development. They have brought the young people together, enabling us to mentor, teach and disciple them. In addition to our current cells within Samora Machel & Kosovo, we started a Leadership School with the aim of growing these leaders with skills that they have not received from home or school. Many different members of Life Church have invested into these young leaders and in March of 2015 we will also be multiplying our Leadership cell as these leaders step out and plant cells all across the community.


Life Child
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