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  • Stop Hunger donated 30 Boxes of food which we are giving our children at Life Child Moyo Schools in Malawi. This has reduced abseentism because many children were not coming to School because they had  no food to eat at home so they opted to stay  at home. Now they look forward to coming to School because they know they will  have food to eat. This in turn has made it possible for our teachers to teach  the children effectively because the children do not miss out  lessons very often.
  • We have introduced Grade One which has given us the opportunity to have the children stay with us little bit longer thereby impacting their lives more than just ending at Pre-school level. We are trusting God that we will continue to grow until we reach a point of having a full Primary School.
  • The World Race team visited us and helped with teaching the children different skills and our normal day to day lessons. They also helped with cleaning the premises. We are so Thankful for their visit.

We have really seen tremendous growth in the Ministry in Malawi. People have come to Christ because of this project and many children’s lives have been transformed. We have seen parents who come to our prayer meetings because of the change they are able to see in their children.

We also have to mention that children, who were not able to go to School due to financial constraints, are getting education.

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