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Displaced Mozambican men, women, and children gathering to receive aid



Life Child gives back to the surrounding community of Montepuez in Cabo Delgado where there continues to be thousands of internally displaced people,many have lost family members and their homes.

Over 745,000 people have fled their homes in northern Mozambique as a result of violence. UNHCR reiterates concern for the ongoing protection crisis as displaced people and host communities are in urgent need of multisectoral assistance”. (14 December 2021 Sources: Interventions and Scaleup)

Through partnerships with Shai fund and Dignidade in Spain, thousands of families, many of which are female lead have received food assistance, dignity hygiene packs, and much needed agricultural tools together with seed to cultivate ongoing food for families.

Life Child gives back into these communities through Life Church which continues to follow up with ongoing spiritual support, prayer and encouragement. Discipleship takes place through cell groups established in the centres.

As this work of the local church continues and the gospel is preached, we believe the extension of the local church will bring transformation to northern regions of our country that so desperately need it.

As the local church expands so our work with orphaned and vulnerable children will also extend into these regions.

If you wish to support Life Child in aiding the people affected by violence in Northern Mozambique  you can make a donation. DONATE 


Evija Vlad