Kungawo, 6 years old,  from Cape Town, South Africa is attending the Life Child Preschool. She was so excited to start school as neither of her parents were working and they could not afford to send her to a preschool. On arrival, she showed signs of malnutrition which was evident in a skin rash all over her body. She was also quite underweight. Since receiving nutritious balanced meals at school, she gained weight and her skin rash subsided.

Kungawo from Life Child preschool in Cape Town with her teacher
Kungawo and her teacher


Kungawo lives in a 3-roomed shack in the Kosovo Informal Settlement with her parents, her 2 teenage brothers, and 14-year old cousin. She loves being the only ‘sister’ and has learned to stand up to the boys which has resulted in her having a strong character! In the playground at school, she takes charge and shows leadership qualities.


She is quite adamant that she will one day become a doctor. She shows strength in Maths and Language and is ready to graduate to primary school this year. Her ability to count past 100, identify 10s, 100s, and 1000 units, write 3-word sentences including her name and surname and copy dates from the calendar make her more than school ready. She is an over-achiever. Kungawo is a happy social girl, always smiling, chatting, and laughing with the other children.

Kungawo from Life Child preschool in Cape Town
Kungawo from Life Child preschool in Cape Town

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Evija Vlad