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Annually on the 1st of March, we celebrate International Life Child day.

Who is Life Child?

Life Child is one of the social justice expressions of Life Church, and it exists to reach Orphan and Vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change, one life at a time.

Life Child works with children, families, and communities in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

Life Child brings transformational change through schools, villages, Early Childhood Development centers, Foster Homes, a clinic, and a Moringa Farm.

Life Child also has ‘Life Child Gives Back’ that goes beyond our current projects and Gives Back to an urgent need or crises in the various communities, for example, supplying aid to the internally displaced people from the war in Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique.

For more overall information on Life Child, you can see the work we do here or email

On this day, we want to raise awareness of orphaned and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa with a particular focus on sponsorship.

Does my sponsorship really have any impact on a child’s life?

One Life Story- Janete Antonio

Janete Antônio is nine years old and lives with her family in the community of Namuinho, in Mozambique. Janete is orphaned by her father, who died of a chronic illness when Janete was still very young. The family lived in the district of Alto Molocue, but with the death of Janete’s stepfather, the family migrated to the city of Quelimane, seeking better living conditions due to their extreme vulnerability. When they arrived in Quelimane, Life Church helped the family integrate into the community.

Their home is, however, in precarious conditions besides being in an area not advisable for construction because of the mangroves and salt water. Sometime later, Janete’s mother abandoned her daughters to live with another man, and her older sister Victoria, took over running their home. Recently her mum returned to the family home for care as she is chronically ill.

The family is being strengthened through the work of Life Church so that the family remains together even in these difficult times. Janete is in Grade 5 at the Peace School this year and is a very dedicated and intelligent girl. Her biggest dream is to become a nurse and to serve her community. Her sister Adelaide is also studying at the Peace School.

Janete and Adelaide have access to quality education and a healthy daily meal through being a part of the Life Child Peace School. Preventative healthcare is provided. They also have opportunities for social and spiritual development.

Janete and her family are so thankful to Life Child and all the supporters who assist in giving them a second chance at a better life. We invite you to help sponsor a child monthly for only R300/ $30/ 20 Pounds. For more information or to become a Sponsor, visit: Sponsor a child

*Please note: Janete was eight years old and in Grade 4 at the time of filming her One Life Story video.

Do you still have questions about child sponsorship?That’s OK! We have the answers for you!

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Your monthly sponsorship contributions costs USD$30, £20 or R300.

What difference does my sponsorship make?

Your monthly contribution ensures that our children are given an opportunity to have a better future, to make a difference and to walk a different path tomorrow.

How is the money spent?

Your monthly sponsorship goes toward provision in the following
4 focus areas:

1) Education

2) Health & Nutrition

3) Social Development

4) Spiritual Support.

Am I my sponsored child’s only sponsor?

Each child has several sponsors depending on the project they are in, this ensures that all the child’s needs are taken care of.

What kind of communication do I get from Life Child when I sign up?

Once you have signed up to sponsor a child, you will be contacted by your Country office via email with the profile of your sponsored child and details of your sponsorship going forward.

What kind of communication can I expect from my sponsored child?

You will also receive a yearly update with a drawing and recent photo of your sponsored child.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child on their birthday?

We would love to have you be involved in wishing your sponsored child a Happy Birthday! As we do not want to create an environment where one child receives something that another does not, we encourage you to either sponsor or organise a class party or outing for your sponsored child’s class to enjoy together. Should you wish to do so, please contact your country office.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

You are more than welcome to speak to your country office to arrange a visit to our projects and see the work of Life Child on the ground. Although we cannot arrange one-on-one visits with your sponsored child, you are able to visit their class and the projects as a whole.

Does my sponsorship amount increase yearly?

Your sponsorship does not increase yearly, however, should you wish to, you are more than welcome to increase the number of children you sponsor or make an additional monthly donation to the work of Life Child.

Do I qualify for a tax certificate if I sponsor a child?

Yes! Please note that your country’s tax laws do apply here and for more information, please do contact your country office.

South Africa or



If you are outside UK or USA, please message our South African office.

If you still have questions about sponsoring a child, send us a message.

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