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Life Child Day 2020 is this coming Monday 24 February.

On this day once a year we invite everyone to drive our awareness campaign online.

The emphasis this year is on a campaign called “Help feed our children! Life Child 2020”. We aim to raise R 1M for food for all of the project countries. So far, we have raised just over R 600 000 for the food and we need help from you to raise the remaining money.

You can help in the following ways: WEAR    SHARE    CARE

WEAR any Life Child branded item of clothing or accessory, or anything orange.
SHARE about Life Child on your social media platforms or verbally to your friends, family and colleagues.
CARE by donating any amount towards our food campaign. Remember, anything counts! Encourage your friends and family to CARE as well.

As supporters of Life Child on this day, we aim to collectively “turn our social media platforms orange” by SHARING the following things on your social media platforms:

  • “Help feed our children! Life Child 2020” campaign video available on our Facebook page and GoFundMe link :

  • Life Child new overview video that is available on our Facebook page
  • Change your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn) profile pictures to Life Child profile picture
  • Use the Life Child picture frame we have created for Facebook available on our Facebook page

Together we can make a difference ONE LIFE (WEAR SHARE CARE) AT A TIME



Life Child
Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.