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Life Child would like to thank IDM (Intelligent Debt Management) who recently donated blankets and food for our children in Samora Machel. Their generous donation came at a very vulnerable time in the community of Samora Machel. There was an uprising and strikers challenged the government on not delivering the flushed toilets that they had promised. The electricity box was destroyed, which left the community of Kosovo/Samora Machel without power for a week. People were struggling and had no means to stay warm in the cold and wet conditions. It was also difficult for the parents to cook and feed their children.

Karin Muller from Life Child International went to the IDM offices to collect the goods and was received with a warm welcome. After the handover, the blankets and food were taken to our ECD Preschool Life Child is partnering with in Samora Machel, where the ECD Preschool owner received this generous gift. They were so grateful and excited! A BIG THANK you to IDM who helped us feed some of the families, as well as giving them blankets to stay warm during the cold nights. Your donation has met the needs of a community in desperate need of help.


Life Child
Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.