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November and December have been filled with fun celebrations and festivities for our children and their parents at the Life Child Centre Preschool in Cape Town.

We also recently took time to celebrate and honour our preschool parents. We are so thankful for each and every one of them, and our desire is to see every family strong and whole.

For the last couple of weeks, our preschool children worked very hard to prepare a special presentation for their parents. This programme consisted of a memorized story on creation in which each child took part, musical items, and a Montessori educational demonstration. Words can not describe the joy on each parents face as they proudly watched their child perform for them. Afterwards, we then blessed the parents with a delicious lunch, dessert, a Bible, and a large food hamper for the Christmas holidays.

In addition to celebrating our preschool parents, we had 3 organisations who blessed the children with great generosity.

In November, the staff at Old Mutual took the children to the park for a special lunch and blessed the children with a fun afternoon on a jumping castle, dancing, and exchanging gifts.

SAB visited our children and spoiled them by giving each of the children clothing packs and tasty snacks! It was so wonderful to hear their parent’s excitement as their children now had something new to wear for Christmas!

In December, the staff from Fairtree blessed our children with an end of year Christmas party. They brought special toy packs and had a fun afternoon

playing games with the children and having ice cream together. The excitement on each child’s face when they received their party bag was priceless!

Our children have been so blessed this year, and we are so thankful to those who have invested in them and who took the time to love on them!

This year has been an incredible one. We look forward to what is in store for Life Child South Africa in 2016!


Alexis Weaver