Over the years, in Mozambique, several cell groups have been praying for a serious situation of prostitution on our waterfront area, where there are often very young girls working in the area.

Eliable smiling
Eliabe smiling

We were introduced to a young girl, Maria, who began this life at 10 years of age. At the point that our paths crossed, she was trying to arrange an abortion and in fact she was told that if she could get the money then it could be organized. We spent time with Maria and prayed with her and she decided to wait, two weeks later a little boy was born full term. The name that was given to him was Eliabe, which means “God is Father.”

Eliable laughing and hugging his house mom Domingas
Eliabe and his house mom Domingas


We walked closely with both Maria and Eliabe, following up on much of their day to day life challenges. One of our cell groups embraced Maria and her little boy and encouraged her in her spiritual walk and her many struggles. However, throughout this time Eliabe faced increasingly serious health issues. Throughout the first year of his life, he was hospitalized more than 10 times, due to nutritional challenges, frequent malaria, low hemoglobin, which collectively lead to developmental problems and low body weight.

Eliable standing by his house at the Okalawo children's village in Mozambique
Eliabe smiling

Following a serious situation when Eliabe required emergency blood transfusions for his failing health, the justice system together with social welfare and the local church saw the need for Eliabe to be placed in a full-time intervention. Maria also felt at this point that she was unable to care for Eliabe.  Following many chats with the mother and the family, Eliabe moved to live in the Okalawo village with one of our house moms, Domingas. Eliabe has been living in the village since June 2017, with a very strict medical program, he has stabilized and is growing healthily. Today we celebrate that God is truly a father to the fatherless. We trust that one day, in the Lord’s time, Maria and Eliabe may be able to live together again as a family and that Eliabe will grow spiritually and walk into everything that the Lord has planned for him.

Elieble sitting in his house-moms Domingas lap
Eliabe with his house mom Domingas


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