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$10,000 raised in one night.  When I was first asked what my fundraising goal was for the concert, I thought I was being overly ambitious.  Boy was I wrong!  What I initially envisioned would be a benefit concert to raise funds to support the medical clinic, evolved into an amazing Life Child outreach opportunity at Cathedral of Faith’s weekend services.  That weekend, I exceeded my one-time donation goal!!!  God wasn’t done yet.  For the next few weeks, followers of Christ answered His call to support Life Child Mozambique.  200 child sponsorship commitments were made!  Praise the Lord!!!!  I can just imagine Him listening to me say my goal during the first meeting, laughing at me, then saying, “That’s cute.”

I couldn’t possibly sing Him enough praises for entrusting me with this incredible responsibility.  I am honored to serve a God who despite my limitations and doubt, would love me, believe in me, and equip me with the strength, wisdom, and courage to do His great works.  I know that He isn’t done yet, and I am so thrilled about what He has in store for everyone who attended and/or participated in Concert for Change to further His kingdom.  I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of the Mozambican children and how God used Life Child to build them up so they too could be the change for others.  I am head-bowed, hands-up, tears-flowing grateful to serve a King who saw my small dream and magnified it into a God-sized dream.

My friends, I encourage you today to use my testimony as encouragement for you to know that God is ready to use you do great things for His kingdom.  He is anxious to surprise you and provide you exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you could ever think or imagine if you are willing to serve Him.  He is preparing you to be changed for His glory and His honor, so that you can be the change for all of the amazing children Life Child supports.  He is awaiting the moment when you will take a step of faith, so He can say to you through prayer or by way of someone He’s specifically planned to be in your life (like your mission’s pastor) to say, “It’s possible.”  Whatever it is that you are hesitating from doing that you feel God is calling you to do, I give you this advice….click ‘send’.


Thanks again to Jolly Tyrell for your response to God, in all its forms!