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Glory is a little girl in Malawi whose life has been changed significantly by attending Life Child Preschool in Malawi.  She was shy, quiet and introverted, not wanting to play and associate with the other children or participate in the day’s lessons.

Life Child puts great emphasis on our social and recreational programs by organising sports days and arranging games for the children to play before and after school.  This together with a little tender love and encouragement from her teachers, she has completed came out of her shell and has changed drastically. She is developing new friendships with the other children whom she can share and enjoy her time at school with.  Glory is now a confident and joyful girl with a new vigour for life, participating in games and sport activities available at the school.

She also has a new outlook on her lessons at school with improvements in her overall results being noticed. Glory’s story of change is one of many that we at Life Child hope to replicate throughout Life Child.  We cannot wait to see what God has in store for this bright and smiling girl!

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