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In mid-March, Life Child Mozambique held a much-anticipated groundbreaking ceremony at the Okalawo Children’s Village. We gave the morning class of grade one students a little break from class to join in the fun as we gathered around the future site of the Village Clinic. With the required materials purchased, and the work team organized, we were more than ready to get started on the construction, which had been delayed for two weeks by rains and severe flooding.

The clinic will serve an area where preventable and treatable diseases such as cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS often have an intolerably big impact on the lives of the people. This clinic will treat ailments such as these and serve as a hub for Life Child public health workers. Our public health program hosts training for the community about good hygiene and preventative health solutions.

Nick Stevens was paying a visit from Life Child US, so we asked that he do the honor of putting the first spade into the ground. Laughter filled the air, a fitting beginning for a building that will serve to rejuvenate and restore physical bodies.
After the digging, our team joined hands with the children and dedicated the work to God. We asked that God would bless the clinic and make it a place of holistic healing, where people with physical ailments find healing for their bodies as well as spiritual renewal through encounters with God and a community of people with open arms.

Nick breaking the ground where the clinic will be located.

The Okalawo Village children and teachers praying for the work.


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