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-Blessing Chikoore, Zimbabwe

Blessing is the eldest son of Judith Chikoore. The Chikoore family was part of the last intake of the ‘Keeping Families Together’ program. They were considered for the program, because the mother was struggling to take care of them, due to her divorce that happened around 2010. She lived with her elderly father who was helping her to take care of the children but unfortunately he passed away a week before the family joined KFT. Blessing inherited his grandfather’s sewing machine as he loved sewing.

Keeping Families Together paid for Blessing’s cutting and designing lessons so that he can be skilled and assist his mother to look after his siblings. God has been faithful to Blessing, he is now working for one of the top designers in Zimbabwe. He wants to gain valuable experience, as his dream is to become the best designer in Zimbabwe.

Blessing is not only working for someone else, he also makes clothes for selling from home. This has been helpful as the family is now living a healthy and sustainable life. Blessing is saving money so that he will be able to start his own line of clothing . He claims that the experience he is getting from working is going to help him achieve his vision.

Blessing testified that the lessons that the KFT program paid for him to attend are the ones that landed him work . He is also grateful for the guidance, encouragement and above all the discipleship he got during the time he was in the program and the on-going support he is getting from the Keeping Together program.

A massive Thank You to one of our awesome partners, Orphan’s Promise, who is supporting Life Child to make a difference in Zimbabwe through the Keeping Families Together program.

-Blessing Chikoore, Zimbabwe


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