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Life Child has four focus areas: Educational Support, Health and Nutritional Support, and Social & Spiritual Development. Each of these areas are equally vital to our project, and we try as much as possible to make sure all of our beneficiaries are being supported in all of the areas.

In Baluti, Malawi, where we are operating through Moyo Preschool, we have many families affected by or lacking in, one or several of the four focus areas. As we enroll children in the preschool, we make sure that we don’t only work with our students but also build relationships with the whole family for a more holistic impact, home visits are vital.

Yusuf at Moyo preschool
Yusufu at Moyo preschool

One of our beneficiaries, Yusufu aged 6, has three siblings and stays with both parents. The family has had difficult times, and Yusufu has gone through situations that no child should go through; lacking food, the opportunity for education as well as social and spiritual nurturing. His father, the breadwinner of the family, got severely ill because of a tumor in the stomach. This made him unable to work, hence making life difficult for the whole family.

Thankfully, Life Child has supported them through the difficult times.  We have been providing Yusufu’s family with food parcels as well as supported them spiritually. Yusufu now is able to get a quality preschool education which previously was no available to him as his parents could not afford to pay for it since there are no government preschools in the area. Preschool education is vital in the context of preparing a child for primary school – especially for those children that will end up in a government school where the average ratio of teacher to pupil is 1: 80. Such a learning environment is not conducive for children who haven’t had the opportunity to attend a preschool.

Yusufu was young when he joined Moyo. Since then we have seen him grow and followed how his life has been transformed, both socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can never meet Yusufu and not be greeted with a contagious smile, he is a constant reminder of the importance to be thankful, and rejoicing every day – without focusing on unfortunate life situations.

Yusufu and his mom during a Life Child home visit

He is doing very well with school assignments, and his mother has been very supportive. Yusufu’s mother says, “I was so worried about education for my children, but I thank God that Life Child came and helped us. I have seen Yusufu being able to pray with my very own eyes. I really appreciate the food parcels we are getting each month, they have really helped us. Thank you.”

Yusufu’s mother also mentions that she appreciates the love the children are shown at the school. Yusufu himself says he wants to be a boss one day, not being specific to what type of boss job :).

If you are not a child sponsor just yet we would like to invite you to become one. Your sponsored child will receive education, health, and nutritional support as well as social and spiritual development support.  It is easy to sponsor a child. Visit our Sponsor a Child page and choose a child to sponsor for $30/R300/£20 a month.


Evija Vlad