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Raven Cruz

My relationship with Life Church first began in 2009 when I joined my university campus ministry in a month long trip serving the local church. Looking back, I had no idea that God would continue to grow that relationship into a longer term commitment that it is now. Since then I joined that same campus ministry in 2010 and 2011 on the same month long trip until making the decision to serve nine months in 2013 in Quelimane, Mozambique. That nine months has grown into years as I have currently served in Mozambique since 2016. Throughout those first two years I had the joy of working alongside the Life Child team and teachers of the Peace School in developing a new character education curriculum as well as working administratively in the area of maintaining the Life Child database and team facilitation. I have recently transitioned and joined the team in Maputo, Mozambique. Since that first year I have been able to continue to serve within Life Church and Life Child because of a faithful team of family and friends that support through prayer, encouragement, and financial funding.


The Stelmaszek family

The five of us (Brett, Sydney, Isaac, Judah, and Emmitt) are the Stelmaszek family and we are serving Life Church and Life Child in Pretoria. For almost three years we have been supported on the field by a team of dedicated friends, family, and fellow disciples to reach the people of Pretoria. Life Church Pretoria shares the Gospel and grows disciples among families that live in inner-city Pretoria and surrounding areas. We aid Life Church by training up leaders who will plant “cell groups” in their communities that will reach the hurting and grow passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. We provide both Biblical and leadership training to young adults and families that desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus. During our first term we also had large hand in training up a team of leaders to bravely take on the development and implementation of a children’s ministry at Life Church in Pretoria.