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Ellina Msodoka changed lives the moment she stepped foot onto KFT territory and joined the Life Child team. In January 2018, then 24, Ellina joined the KFT project in Malawi. A mere 3 months later she joined the team full time as we took on our first 3 families and she now leads KFT work in Malawi. A lot can be said about how the project has succeed in many ways, giving gratitude to the person who has been on the ground making every effort to make things happen.

Ellina encouraging people with the word of God.
Ellina helping the Local church.

Ellina is an amazing lady we could never have dreamed of ourselves. To her, this isn’t just a job but it’s also her way of serving and she genuinely wants the best for the families in the communities where she works. Her amazing servant spirit has led her to not only do her work for KFT, but it extends into many different project areas of Life Child.

She has gone through a lot with the families, but despite it all, she never gives up on them. There have been times where she has been woken up during the middle of the night to sort out issues within the community – people who aren’t apart of the KFT project. She has discipled families through tough times and she never tires of guiding them and correcting them, even if it needs to be done numerous times. As with all things, there have been failures but Ellina has done an extremely commendable job worthy of praise. We’re extremely blessed to have her heading up this project.

Ellina Msodoka
Ellina visiting one of the KFT families.

To work so lovingly and consistently with families like this can take its toll, however, after a chat with her she explained how working with the families to such an extent has allowed her spiritual life and relationship with God to flourish. She explains how meeting with the families led her to search the scriptures to enable her to better help them. She spent much time in prayer, seeking God’s wisdom. She now is also an amazing leader in her local church.

Her mark will forever be etched into the lives of these families even when she is no longer around. We pray that God’s blessings will abound upon her life to enable her to serve more people as she continues to walk into God’s purpose for her life. We honour her for her hard work and we can’t wait to see what’s still in store!

Ellina leading children cell.
Ellina helping with the kids at play time.

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